b'7151611 16 20A pair of English sterling silver and oakA French silver beaker and jewel box, An English silver plated picture frame,Chorus Of Angels picture frames, inscribed Souvenirearly 20th century,by William Comyns, London, circa 1898, DAmiens, 19th century, 26 x 19cmwith period cabinet salonbeaker 8cm high, 88 grams total (2) $120200 portrait photographs, $10020022 x 18cm each (2) 21$2,5003,000 17 Silver, crystal and silver plated ware Assorted silver topped vanity ware including toast racks, beakers, 12 and beaker, 19th and early 20th century, condiments, bottles and jars, An antique Spanish silver plated stirrup, tallest 14.5cm high (5) 19th and early 20th century,19th century, $150250the tallest 15cm high (14 items)26cm high $120200 $150250 18ROBUR and Challenge silver plated2213 teapots, hot water pots and sugar basin, Three pieces of English sterling silver Russian silver and Continental silverearly 20th century, and enamel decorated vanity ware by cutlery and servers, 19th century, (8) large teapot 25cm across (5) Elkington & Co. Birmingham, circa 1914,$120200$150250the mirror 29cm high (3)$200300 14 19An Antique Persian silver cream jug, A pair of Sheffield plate lidded urns2319th century, with Bristol blue glass liners and carvedAn English silver plated tray stamped 84, ivory pineapple finials, circa 1800, stamped DRUMMOND & Co. 13cm high, 150 grams 33cm high (2) MELBOURNE, late 19th century,$150250 $50070073cm across the handles$150250 15An English sterling silver and tortoiseshell circular box by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. of Birmingham, circa 1899,7.5cm diameter$25035012'