b'36260An Australian writing slope box, kauri pine, 19th century,18cm high, 48cm wide, 35cm deep$60100 261Royal Doulton Mrs. Hugh Bonfoy (HN 3319) porcelain figure; together with a Royal Worcester figure Grandmothers Dress, 20th century,23cm and 13cm high (2)$100200 262A pair of ebony elephant bookends with ivory tusks (each 12 x 14.5cm), circa 1940s, together with a shelf ornament depicting a family of three ebony elephants with ivory tusks (12 x 23cm). (3 items).$150250 263A pair of five branch brass and alabaster candelabra, late 19th century,15cm high, (2)$150200 264Collection of assorted ivory artefacts including flowers, Buddha statue, stopper, condiments, gaming tokens etc, 19th and early 20th century,the tallest 16cm high (8)$200300 265A carved African ivory figure of a crocodile and snake, circa 1930s,278 52cm long$600800 254 257 266Two walking sticks, one withCrystal and glass decanters, cocktailAssorted badges, medals, pen knife,carved horn hoof handle, the othershaker, vases, basket and dish, coin etc, 19th and 20th century (11 items)with silver collar and phenolic20th century, $80120 handle, 19th and 20th century, tallest 25.5cm high (8 items)89cm and 90cm high (2) $100200267$200300Three Lladro porcelain statues,258 20th century,255 ROYAL DOULTON Coaching Days clown bust 31cm high (3)A Gentlemans walking stick teaware comprising 4 cups, 7$200300 with gold plated handle engraved saucers and 6 side plates,W. G. Mangan, ivory collar with ebonystamped Royal Doulton268shaft, 19th century, 103cm long, Made In England, Three GOEBEL German porcelain fitted with secret compartment and blade plates 15.5cm diameter (17 items) figural groups, mid 20th century,$600800$80120the tallest 13cm high (3)$100200 256 259Perfume bottles, Mary Gregory vase,Two glass vases, French and269French Art Deco glass plate, crystalEnglish (most likely Stevens andMOSER Bohemian purple glassclock, and cast metal pheasantWilliams), 19th and 20th century, and gilt rimmed vase, circa 1920,ornaments, 19th and 20th century, 9cm and 11.5cm high (2) 17cm highthe vase 25cm high (8 items) $120200 $100200$100120 '