b'111860862 870Gold plated Nupoint pencil, ParkerA 14ct gold and pearl brooch,gold plated pen, antique pinchbeckstamped 14K with pictorial brooch, Royal pin, and two fobs,makers mark,19th and 20th century, (6) 5cm across, 8.5 grams total$100200$100200 863 871Freshwater pearl triple strandCollection of assorted cut and necklace with 14ct gold clasp, polished loose semi-precious 40cm long stones including opal, lapis lazuli, $120200malachite, tourmaline and jade (35)$150250 864An antique sterling silver necklace872and locket, Birmingham, circa 1884, Pair of 9ct gold antique cufflinks and 52cm long, 64 grams total a 9ct gold cased vintage watch (2)$250350$120200 865 873An Italian 9ct gold flat weaveThree loose Broome pearls and assorted choker necklace, silver jewellery, 20th century. (10 items)stamped 375, $100200 12 grams$300400876874Four loose cut diamonds an emerald 866 and three aquamarines. (8)MIKIMOTO Japanese pearl necklace with$150250 gold clasp, with original box and papers,68cm long 875$200400Three assorted tribal necklaces, coral, amber, turquoise and steel, 867 early to mid 20th century. (3)Two 9ct gold dress rings set with$120200 jade and smokey quartz. (2)$200400876A French enamel portrait brooch in 868 9ct rose gold mount, 19th century,Two gold rings set with turquoise,2.8cm diameterblue topaz and diamonds. (2) $200400$200400 869Three 18ct gold ladies cocktail rings set with amethysts, diamonds and sapphire,25 grams total (3)$500700 '