b'107829 832[FILM COSTUME] A collection of vinyl records,PLANET OF THE APES [2001]many 12 inch DJ mixes, hip hop, RNB, directed by Tim Burton: old school funk, inspection a must.Chimp Warrior chest armor setFormerly the property of a professional with extender and sleeves; DJ artist (approximately 200)Studio-Props CofA. $100200 $100200 833830 Antique marching drum with [FILM COSTUME] drum sticks, circa 1900,THE SCORPION KING [2002] 41cm diametercomplete costume worn by BERNARD$100150HILL in his role as PHILO,with Premiere Props CofAs for the834necklace and medallion, leather wrist bracelet, top and cloak outfitSONORA PHONOGRAPH and the large fabric drawstring. rare bombe shaped upright $7501,500 gramophone with accompanying records, early 20th century,111cm high, 49cm wide, 49cm deep831 $600800[FILM COSTUME]LEGALLY BLONDE 2: 835Red, White & Blue [2003]:Sids (Bob Newharts) doorman uniform Three assorted brass horns, With Premiere Props CofA19th and 20th century,and note from Newhart. the longest 129cm (3)$500750$120200 834836THE BEATLES IN AUSTRALIA - 1964 30 July 1964 letter TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE STAFF"on Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne letterhead from John C. Carrodus, General Manager:"I have been asked by a member of staff for pieces of [bed] sheet that the Beatles slept in whilst at the Hotel. No doubt they require these for their children or others who are Beatles fans. So that nobody will be disappointed, I am now enclosing a couple of pieces for you to either give away or throw away. May I also take this opportunity of thanking everybody for their co-operation and assistance over the very busy time we had during the visit of this outstanding group.Stapled to the top left corner of the letter are two pieces of bed linen; the one on the front stamped WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL. Ringo Slept Here (approx. 50 x 75mm); the piece affixed behind the letter stamped WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL. John Slept Here. (approx. 110 x 55cm).$5001,000836'