b'830Silver plated tray, candelabra, teaware, brandy warmer, sterling silver mirror and spoons, 19th and 20th century,the tray 67cm across the handles (12 items)$100200 31Sterling silver manicure dish,buff and file, Egyptian silver spoons, jewellery box and souvenir books of Jerusalem,19th and early 20th century,the dish 12cm across (9 items)$80120 32Nine assorted napkin rings including Australian sterling silver example by 24 HAMMERTON of GEELONG. (9 items)$100200 24 26 33English silver plated coronation Set of four graduated boxes,Mappin & Webb sterling silver spoonspoon and sugar tong set, plus a tortoiseshell and silver, circa 1900, and fork set in plush fitted boxsalad set with ivory handles, both the largest 6cm across (4) together with a Hardy Bros. boxedin original plush fitted cases,$150250 napkin ring, late 19th century, early 20th century. (2)90 grams total (2) $100200 25 $100200 An antique English sterling silver34candlestick, Sheffield, circa 1783, 27 A heavy urn shaped silver plated 24.5cm high An English sterling silver salver, champagne ice bucket, 19th century,$40060020th century, 23cm high31cm across, 760 grams $150250 $300500 28 35Three silver picture frames,A pair of English sterling silver19th and early 20th century,condiments made in Chester,the largest 13cm highcirca 1901; together with a French$200300 silver epergne base, 19th century,170 grams total$6010036A silver elephant pin cushion,29 heart shaped box and miniature picture frame, 19th and 20th century,Collection of assorted salts andthe elephant 5cm long (3)spoons, crystal, silver and cloisonn,$150250 19th and 20th century (17 items)$200300 4449'