b"76539539 546 554A pair of Japanese lacquer foldingA Mughal North Indian castA Japanese Imari pattern inkwell wall shelves and a letter tidy,bronze teapot, 18th century, with bronze lid, together with an Meiji period, 19th century, 27cm high Imari pattern quill holder. (2 items)23cm high (3) $400600$150200 $200300547 555540 A Japanese Shibayama ivory page turner, A Chinese carved stone vase, A pair of Japanese lacquer folding wallMeiji Period, 19th century, early 20th century,shelves, Meiji period, 19th century, 34cm long 18cm high, 30cm across20cm high (2) $8001,200$150250 $200300 548 556541 Assorted Japanese porcelain teaTwo Chinese ceramic floral vases,Seven assorted pieces of carved ivoryware and platter, 20th century, 20th century,and bone, Chinese, Japanese and Souththe platter 29cm across 51cm and 30cm high (2)East Asia, 19th and 20th century, $60100$100200 the tallest 28cm high (7)$300500549 557A Chinese cloisonn vase, 20th century, Chinese ceramic statue of a 542 16cm high Mandarin and two blue and white A fine katagami (Japanese stencil work$60100porcelain vases, 20th century,for creating kimono fabrics), circa 1860s; the statue 55cm high (3)32 x 41cm, with chop in550 $150250 red at centre base. A Japanese mask mounted on board,$20025019th century, 55834cm high overall A Chinese scholar's table with 543 $80120painted finish, 20th century,41cm high,71cm wide, 30cm deepA brass, double-sided Chinese$100200 restaurant sign, 20th century, 55165 x 60.5cm. Two Central Asian Suzani shawls, $150250embroidered silk on cotton, Tajikistan,559late 19th and mid 20th century, Indian carved teak architectural panel,the former being 118cm x 110cm (2) 19th/20th century,544 $400600 78cm wideEight assorted pieces of Chinese Canton$100200 export ware porcelain, 19th/20th century, 552the jug 13cm high (8) Laotian silver boxes, Malay silver560$150250flint box and an Indonesian betelThree Eastern textiles, Syrian, Ottoman nut cutter, 19th century, and Indian, 19th and 20th century,545 the cutters 21cm high (4) the largest 125 x 80cm (3)Two Japanese ivory page turners,$150250$100200 Meiji Period, 19th century,24cm and 26cm high (2) 553 561$150250A Japanese floral cloisonnChinese cork diorama in glass case,jewellery box by Sato, circa 1920 20th century,9.5cm across 30cm high, 60cm wide, 12cm deep$140200$4060 "