b'60412 418An American folk art tableA pair of walnut display with Texas long horn top andcabinets, late 20th century,painted finish, circa 1930s 202cm high, 87cm wide, 76cm high, 107cm wide, 73cm deep 30cm deep (2)$400600 $8001,200 413 RUGS & TEXTILESBlacksmiths bellows coffee table,50cm high, 179cm wide, 60cm deep 417$250350419A tribal kilim flat weave rug, circa 1930,414 500cm long, 86cm wide 424A seven piece retro perspex and$200300Lilihan runner, South West Iran, chrome dining setting with oval293 x 83cmglass top, circa 1970 (7) 420 $600800 $6001,000Turkoman Beshir Persian rug, handknotted pure wool with natural dyes, 425415 early to mid 20th century, Baktyari rug, South West Iran, A gilt finished metal ewer based230 x 155cm 201 x 155cmtable lamp and shade, $300500$7501,000 106cm high overall$200400421 426A Persian red and blue pattern rug, Fredan rug, South West Iran, circa 1940, 416 20th century, 264 x 199cmRetro Australian executives desk,190 x 125cm $1,0001,200 Australian walnut, possibly by Rosandro$250350 or Zoureff of Melbourne, circa 1970, 42773cm high, 228cm wide, 107cm deep 422 Baktyari rug, South West Iran, circa 1930, $300500Adadeh rug, South West Iran, circa 1950,303 x 215cm166 x 107cm $2,0002,500 417 $500750 RAY GODFREE retro fruit comport,428inlaid sycamore, orange, ebony423 Lilihan rug, South West Iran, and conkerberry, 20th century, Karajeh runner, Northern Iran,228 x 150cmsigned and timbers named on the base, 393 x 79cm$600800 16cm high, 38cm diameter $7501,000 $150250429A Qum silk hand knotted rug, Persian, 20th century,180 x 180cm$6001,000 430A fine cotton and silk Persian rug,300 x 182cm$1,0002,000 431UNICEF Exhibition, Chicago, 1960,tapestry in the style RAMSES WISSA WASSEFF,97 x 135cm$6001,000 PHOTOGRAPHS432An album of 20 Scottish scene albumen prints, captioned and bound in red morocco, print size 19 x 29cm$150250 412'