b'78574573TRIBAL ARTEFACTS572 577A Fijian turtle kava dish with lid, Two South African tribal carved wood and mother of pearl, artefact framed displays,late 20th century, the larger 48 x 57cm overall (2)61cm long $120200 $60100 578573 An Inuit carving of a sleigh scene West African tribal mask, carvedwith dogs and bears, carved wood and fibre, early 20th century, walrus tusk, 20th century,45cm high signed Alowa. R. Savoonga. AK,$250350 47cm long$1,0001,500 574A tribal mask, carved and painted wood,579West African, early 20th century, Fijian rifle stock club, Papua New 24cm high Guinea bows, arrows, drum $150250 and harpoon, 20th century,club 63cm long (11 items)575 $100200 Assorted tribal carvings, African, Asian and Papua New Guinea, 20th century, 580 the tallest 28cm high (5 items) An African tribal vessel with figurative $100200carving, ivory, 19th/20th century,24cm high576 $6001,000 BULLOVA tribal axe, hand forged steel on wooden shaft, central India, 19th century, 75cm high$250350 580'