b'28182An Italian carved marble eagle lamp,late 19th century,63cm high$8001,200 183POPE NICHOLAS III lead Papal seal,3.7cm diameter$100200 184Doulton Lambeth miniature stoneware tig, 19th century; together with a miniature silver tig by Crisford & Norris,Birmingham, circa 1898, 4.5cm and 3cm high (2)$120200 185A Georgian toothpick box, ivory with rose gold inlay, early 19th century,8.5cm long$150250186187 Victorian copper castle top jelly mould with original tin lining, 19th century11cm high180 $100200 187A polychrome painted wooden figure,18th century, 28cm high185 $300400188A lighthouse lamp, early 20th century,76cm high178 $1,2001,500Two Victorian card cases, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and silver, circa 1880,10.5cm high (2)175 $150250 SPODE Sumatra Jakarta Globevase, limited edition 75/750, 179with certificate, late 20th century, Royal Doulton Blue Children pairstamped Spode, Made In England,of porcelain vases, early 20th century,Sumatra with edition information, stamped Royal Doulton, England,23cm high 24cm high (2)$150250$400600 176 180A pair of Victorian ruby glass lustres, A French bronze lamp with rouge 19th century, marble base, late 19th century,28cm high (2) 53cm high$200300$400600177 181An antique French glass dome onA Georgian tea caddy, mahogany and original black wooden base withwalnut with whalebone escutcheon velvet lining, 19th century,and knobs, early 19th century,56cm high 15cm high, 26cm wide, 17cm deep$400600 $120200 177'