b'101775774 776 779COLT double action miniatureJOH ENGSTROM A trench art cap made from a 1916 fob revolver in original plushSwedish barrel knife, 19th century, 4-inch shell, with a Canadian pith-fitted box, circa 1895, rare. 23cm long helmet cap badge from the Boer the revolver 5.5cm long,$100200 War, with a general service button the box 13cm across to each side of the peak. Created by $8001,200 777 Walter Hawkins Dagley [1891 - 1965]. Accompanied by biographical details.A trench art umbrella stand made$250350775 from an impressive brass shell with A Japanese sword and scabbard,regimental badge attached,sharks skin handle with gilt metalshell dated 1915,tsuba and fittings encased in a46cm high, 34cm diameterWWll period leather cover, $300400 102cm long$6001,000 778An impressive WW1 period trench art table lamp,59cm high$400600779776 774778'