b'24151147 154147 151 154A Colonial military portrait of a BritishAn English 18th century miniatureTHOMAS PEATofficer, late 18th early 19th century, portrait of a gent painted on(BRITISH 1791-1831)image size 7 x 6cm, frame 12.5 x 10cm ivory in fine gold mount, A miniature portrait of a gent, $1,2002,000 3.5 x 3cm early 19th century,$600800 painted on ivory,148 signed Peat lower right,A Regency miniature portrait of a lady, 152 image size 5.5 x 4.5cm,painted on copper, originalImportant Berlin KPM German porcelainframe 11 x 9.5cm overallebonized frame, circa 1820, plaque portrait of The Duchess of$1,2001,50013 x 12cm overall Devonshire as a Vestal, by ANGELICA $400600 KAUFFMAN, late 19th century. Very155fine original gilt frame with galleryA hand-painted miniature portrait149 exhibition label verso and details ofof WAGNER in a piano ivory frame,exhibitions in London and Dresden. Rare. 19th century,FANNY JACQUIER (B.1845) plaque size 39 x 31cm, frame 72 x 64cm 15 x 13cm overallportrait of a gent, $20,00030,000 $400600painted on ivory,5.5 x 4.5cm 153$600800A Regency miniature portrait of a lady, painted on ivory in fine pinchbeck 150 mount and leather case, circa 1820,An 18th century miniature portrait7cm high overallof a gent in a blue coat, painted on$6001,000ivory and housed in a gold mount,3.5 x 3cm.PROVENANCEChristies lot 197, 4th July 1994.$600800 153148'