b'22130 134 133129 133MOORCROFT Berries and LeavesMOORCROFT African Lillyflambe pottery vase, circa 1935, pattern pottery vase, circa 1930s,13.5cm high impressed mark and signature $300500 Moorcroft, Potters To Her Majesty The Queen, Made In England,130 11cm highMOORCROFT Hibiscus pattern$300500baluster shaped pottery vase, circa 1950,13.5cm high 134 $200400 A MOORCROFT iris patternflambe pottery vase, circa 1930s, 131 impressed signature and stamp with original paper label By appointment Two MOORCROFT Magnoliato her Majesty the Queen.pattern squat baluster shaped16cm highpottery vases, circa 1980/90s, $600800 10.5cm high (2)$400600 135132 American Great White Fleet milkglass lidded bon bon dish, circa 1907,129 MOORCROFT Magnolia pattern17cm acrossdish on blue ground, circa 1950, $120200 8.5cm diameter$100200 131'