b'50349 352 355A Damascus plant stand pedestal, carvedA Victorian walnut dressing table, An English games table with tilt top,wood and mother of pearl, 19th century, circa 1890, hand-painted papier-mch,104cm high, 38cm wide, 38cm deep 155cm high, 109cm wide, 49cm deep 19th century,$8001,200 $30050065cm high, 54cm across$400600 350 353Expanding wall mounted coat rack byAn English burr walnut fold- 356J.N.VALLEY, North East PA, 19th century, over card table, circa 1875, An Exhibition loo table, walnut, 63 x 97cm 75cm high, 95cm wide, 47cm deep circa 1850$150250$600800superbly crafted with book match veneered starburst shaped top with 351 354 finely carved column and base,Exhibition label and owners details A Black Forest collectors cabinet,A dome topped timber bound trunkattached and inscribed to the top and ebonised carved timer with embossedfitted with lift out tray, 19th century, the base No. 113, R.O. Blackwood, panel depicting a romantic couple65cm high, 99cm wide, 54cm deep Antique Furniture Exhibition May 1932,on the front. 19th century.$300500 original finish and condition66 x 45 x 20.5cm. 72cm high, 124cm across$300500$1,0001,500 357A reproduction twin pedestal desk with insert leather top in the Georgian style, mid 20th century,77cm high, 152cm wide, 91cm deep$200400 359349'