b'94690 694Past Grands Of Loyal HarmonyGroup of five metal baskets by Lodge honour board, late nineteenth/ The Kaspar Wire Works Co. early twentieth century, Texas, mid 20th century,81 x 69cm 20cm high, 35cm wide, 23cm deep (5)$200300$120200 691 695A woven wicker shop mannequin, Group of baskets by The Kaspar Wire 20th century, Works Co. Texas, mid 20th century,102cm high 20cm high, 35cm wide, 23cm deep (5)$200250$120200 692 696Group of five metal baskets byA vintage fishing lure point of sale The Kaspar Wire Works Co.fish figure, painted timber and tin, Texas, mid 20th century, signed R.I.B., mid 20th century,20cm high, 35cm wide, 23cm deep 30cm long$120200$150250 693 697Group of five metal baskets byFour assorted American dolls chairs,The Kaspar Wire Works Co.19th and 20th century,Texas, mid 20th century, the tallest 45cm high (4)20cm high, 35cm wide, 23cm deep (5) $150250 $120200 707698A traveling salesman sample miniature dressing table with cream painted finish, circa 1890,44cm high$150250 699A miniature four drawer tin chest with green painted finish,17cm high, 15cm wide, 21cm deep$100200 700A miniature salesmans sample washstand, late 19th century,51cm high$300500701An American oak three drawer miniature chest with ring pull handles, late 19th century,46cm high, 28cm wide 54cm deep$150250 702An antique cast iron book press,19th century,50cm across$200300 700'