b'87632 640A copper tea caddy, antique copperThree assorted antiquemeasure, pewter ale jug, brass biscuitand vintage decoy ducks, cutter, brass bowl and bronze vase, carved and painted wood,the tallest 25cm high (6 items) the largest 41cm long (3)$150250$250350 633 641An American sundial, cast iron andFive assorted ivory rulers bronze, emblazoned I Count Notincluding parallel ruler But Sunny Hours, 19th century, and folding ruler,stamped Virginia Metal Crafters, parallel ruler 15.5cm long (5)24cm diameter $8001,200 $200300642634 Two American cast iron An antique dove cote bird house, timbermoney boxes, one in the form with white painted finish, 19th century, of an elephant the other a 185cm high, 71cm wide, 70cm deep bank safe, 19th century,$1,2002,000 8cm and 10cm high (2)$120200 635Chondrometer by Bryan Corcoran,643London, 19th century, in original case. Three small vintage metal $8001,200and timber bound trunks, 19th and 20th century,636 the largest 24cm high, 42cm wide, 24cm deep (3)Treen ware boxwood bottle holder, bowl,$150250 ball and spice box, 18th and 19th century,16cm high (4)$150250644BATES Co. pair of antique snow shoes, 637 wood and natural cat gut, 19th century,113cm longA brass microscope with all fittings$200300 intact, 19th century, 30cm tall. Accompanied by the rare kerosene lamp unit (glass flue broken). 645Ex. Hardwicke Knight Collection,FLEXOPLANE Antique snow sled,Dunedin. (2 items). early 20th century,$300400100cm long$150250638Vintage brass desk top magnifier,20th century,39cm high 634$120200 639Antique gold plated lorgnette, eye glass, set of buttons, Georgian snuff box, Longines wristwatch and a stickpin, 19th and 20th century (6 items)$120200 645'