b'91669Point of sale BATA BULLETSplaster high top boot, mid 20th century,62cm long$250350 670A male mannequin head, plaster and papier-mch, c. 1930,28cm high$150200 671Two garage enamel signs,MOBILGAS andSHELL MOTOR OIL,mid 20th century,20cm and 12cm high (2)$200300672LIFESAVERS point of sale advertising rack, lithograph on tin, circa 1930s93cm long$150250673673French terracotta pig butcher shop window advertising display, 19th century,40cm high, 57cm wide, 30cm deep$600800674Candy Moulds for Lollypops and Chocolates, early 20th century,38cm high$100200 675White Horse point of sale advertising bottle, late 1930s,49cm high$200300 668'