b'31219205 211ROYAL WORCESTER hand-paintedGroup of nine assorted vintage and fruit pattern pot-pourri vase byantique porcelain piano dolls,Horace Price, 20th century,the tallest 13cm (9)black factory backstamp,$150200 33cm high$8001,200 212A French bronze plaque of ladies 206 in Japanese dress, circa 1890, An Austrian cold painted bronze23cm diameterelephant mounted on a green$300400 stone dish, circa 1900,8cm high, 17cm across 213$150250STUART CRYSTAL White Star Line commemorative carafe 207 with four matching tumblers Three ornate gilded brass pictureand two highball glasses,frames, 19th century, 23cm high (7) 195the largest 30cm high (3) $300350 $200300 214 217208 A pair of Italian bronze picture frames, An Italian micro-mosaic picture frame,A French gilded bronze urn with19th century, early 20th century,figural finial top, 19th century, 31 x 18cm (2) 12.5 x 9.5cm24cm high $250350$250350$400600215 218209 A traveling jewellery chest, hand-paintedAn English oak compendium with fold A MEISSEN porcelain cabinet plate, papier-mch with mother of pearl andout writing slope, late 19th century,19th century, bone handles, early 19th century, 28cm high, 38cm wide, 22cm deep24cm diameter 19cm high, 19cm wide, 15cm deep $200300 $120200$120200 219210 216 An America Arts and Crafts cold painted AURORA Roman mythologicalA micro-mosaic Italian picture frame, cast iron book stand, circa 1890,scene bronze plaque, circa 1870s, late 19th century, star stamp verso monogrammed M,8 x 17cm, frame 21 x 30cm 13cm high 47cm high$300400$200300$200300'