b'44319315 319A Scandinavian Biedermeier bookcase,An ornate English fire screen, solid satin birch, 19th century,rosewood with tapestry panel, 238cm high, 124cm wide, 46cm deep early to mid 19th century,$1,2002,000113cm high, 73cm wide,$400600316An early 19th century English320mahogany serving tray with brassAn English mahogany five handles and the remains of a makersdrawer chest, circa 1850,label; felt lined. 60cm diameter. 112cm high, 117cm wide, 57cm deep$300500$400600 317 321An English triple pedestal mahoganyA Scottish cylinder roll top desk, dining table in the Georgian style, flame mahogany fitted with drawers early 20th century, and compartments, 19th century,73cm high, 275cm wide, 135cm deep 170cm high, 40cm wide, 48cm deep$1,2002,000$1,2002,000318 322A Georgian papier-mch table mirror, An English standard lamp,early 19th century, finely carved with goats heads82cm high and hoof feet, late 19th century,$600800190cm high$400600322'