b'104806LUSSIN scratch built boat hull,painted and carved wood, 19th century,120cm long$600800807A model wooden ship on stand with painted finish, late 19th century,89cm long$500700 798798 802An impressive three storeyA ventriloquist doll, circa 1953,dolls house in the Georgian75cm highstyle, early 20th century, $200300 122cm high, 80cm wide, 56cm deep$400600 803WILLYS tinplate jeep, MAR 799 TOYS tinplate digger, plus a Three antique collar irons, Van Linseed tinplate toy two with original trivets, 19th century, truck, mid 20th century,the largest 9cm long (3) longest 43cm (3)$80120$150250 800 804Antique carved bone chess setThe Penguin motor and timber board, 19th century, launch model boat,the board 26 x 26cm late 1940s,$200300143cm long$600800 801LEHMANN German tinplate clockwork805toy together with a trotting horseA childs cyclops tricycle, circa 1930,toy, early to mid 20th century, missing seat,19cm and 15cm long (2) 72cm high$150250$150200808806'