b'96653 658An English Arts and Crafts displayJudges wig stand, cabinet, walnut and glass with brassturned beech and handles, late 19th century, Australian cedar, 159cm high, 104cm wide, 43cm deep 19th century,$600800 120cm high$250350654Set of 6 mahogany dining chairs in the659Georgian style comprising 5 standardsA Sheraton revival ladies and one carver, early 20th century, (6) desk with embossed $300500leather top, mahogany with string inlay, 655 early 20th century,74cm high, 107cm wide, A Sheraton revival envelope card table,56cm widemahogany and satinwood, circa 1900, $300500 76cm high, 54cm wide, 54cm deep$400600 660656 A Sheraton Revival centre table, marquetry inlaid An English Sheraton revival displaywalnut, late 19th century,cabinet, walnut with string inlay,72cm high, 93cm wide, early 20th century, 93cm deep142cm high, 65cm wide, 32cm deep $400600 $300500 657A Sheraton style cellarette with dome top, mahogany and string inlay, late 19th century,72cm high, 52cm wide, 38cm wide$400600653655 657'