b'114781 790INGRAHAM Co. Shekel AmericanWATERBURY Crystal Regulator withparlor clock, 8 day movement in oak case8 day movement, late 19th century,with two statuettes, circa 1891, 24cm high56cm high $250350 $200300791782 INGRAHAM Urania gingerbread parlor ANSONIA Decorated Gothic clock, 8 day movement with calendar American parlor clock, circa 1880, dial, circa 1907,50cm high 57cm high$250350 $300500 783 792JEROME CLOCK Co. American BeehiveLENZKIRCH German mantel clock, 8 day clock with 30 hour movement inmovement with engraved copper dial, mahogany case, circa 1870, late 19th century,49.5cm high 25cm high$150250$180220784 793INGRAHAM CLOCK Co. DoricA Japanese Mystery clock on cast792American parlor clock, 8 day movementmetal elephant base, 8 day movement,795with alarm in walnut case, circa 1860, circa 1950,41cm high 29cm high English automaton fusee bracket clock $150250$200300 with prancing horses, walnut and brass case with hand-painted face, circa 1840,37cm high785 794 $2,5003,500 SOUVENIR PAN AMERICANA French Crystal Regulator with Exposition porcelain plate wall clockcarved glass and mercury pendulum,796with hand-painted American Indian,late 19th century,circa 1901, 28cm high German Clock Peddler cast iron figural 21cm diameter $8001,200clock, 19th century,$12020038cm high$300400 786KAISER Skeleton clock in transparent circular case, mid 20th century,17cm high$180220 787A Black Forest cuckoo shelf clock, early 20th century,38cm high$350450 788KAISER UNIVERSE German 400 day dome clock, moonphase with terrestrial globe pendulum, circa 1954, this model is often referred to as the best 400 day clock ever produced,28cm high$8001,200789INGRAHAM display movement in perspex case, strikes on the hour and the half,30cm high$180220 781 782'