b'67489499A Mexican silver bangle withmalachite ends, 20th century,stamped Mexico, 925,48 grams$60100 500Antique sterling silver jewellery, carved 502 bone brooch, medallions, silver finished kangaroo, bronze dog, bangle and sterling silver box, (30 items)489 494 $60100 A hand-painted miniature portrait Four bead necklaces, 20th century (4)pendant in Continental silver mount $120200501set with turquoise, Assorted costume and vintage jewellery stamped 800, 495 including an Anna-Greta Eker Norwegian 4.5cm high sterling silver ring circa 1970$200300 An antique rose gold ring set with coral and turquoise, 19th century, $80120 490 $150250 14ct gold bracelet, together with 502a gold plated necklace, 20th century, 496 An OMEGA Gents manual wristwatch in bracelet 3 grams Two gold rings set with diamonds, rose gold case, with original omega box, $60100both stamped 9ct, circa 1950s5.9 grams total (2) $300500491 $300500 Two gold brooches stamped 9ct, 503late 19th and early 20th century, 497 A Mexican silver necklace and pendant,3.7 grams total (2) A 22ct gold ring (1.6 grams), an 18ctstamped Mexico 925,$200300white gold ring (3.8 grams) and a 9ct gold80cm long, 80 gramsand diamond ring (1.4 grams) (3) $50100 492 $200300 A gold ring set with row of alternating498 484brilliant cut champagne and white diamonds, Collection of vintage and Art Deco stamped 375, costume jewellery, 20th century2.6 grams $120200 $300500493A tennis bracelet in 18ct rose gold, featuring 59 diamonds of SI clarity totalling 3.79 carats.$5,5006,000 492'