b'111747 754SETH THOMAS harp shaped shelf clockNEWHAVEN CLOCK Co. American with time and strike movement, rare, shelf clock with open escapement in 62cm high black metal case with gilt metal mounts, $600800 19th century,31cm high748 $120200 A French mantel clock, black slate case with gilded and figural columns,75519th century, ANSONIA American shelf clock, 41cm high 8 day time and strike with blue $100200enamel Roman numerals and black metal case, 749 late 19th century,A French mantel clock with visual32.5cm highescapement in Belgium black slate case,$150250 late 19th century,46cm high 756$200300THE PRENTISS CLOCK, ACME Cold Handle 750 American frying pan novelty A French mantel clock in Belgium blackclock, late 19th century,slate case with ornate gilt metal mounts,made in New York,19th century, 61cm high40cm high $400600$250350 756751 757A French mantel clock in white marbleANSONIA American shelf clock, case, late 19th early 20th century, 8 day time and strike 23cm high movement with open escapement in rare $120200nickel plated case with gilded highlights,752 early 20th century,SETH THOMAS American shelf clock31cm highin unusual architectural oak case,$200300late 19th century,47cm high$120200 753ANSONIA American shelf clock,8 day time and strike movement with open escapement in ornate black slate case with gilt metal mounts,late 19th century, 75741cm high$250350750 753'