b'118834Mahogany and brass full plate tailboard camera, for 8 x 6 images [21 x 16cm]; unknown maker, circa 1880s. With burgundy square bellows; separate bellows adjustment and racking with centre screw to main frame. Mostly original parts with some expertly replaced sections to main frame. With Ross brass lens, rack & pinion #10188 (1860s-70s) with 6 focal length and caps. With wooden tripod with platform, leather pouch with waterhouse stops, two Thornton & Pickard double-dark slides.$600800835835circa 1900, zoom lens, focal length changeable between approx. 10cm and 17cm focal distance, rack and pinion movement, with engraving on the brass tube. iris diaphragm, mounting flange in fitted leather box.$500750836HOUGHTON mahogany & brass -plate field camera, double extension J.H. Dallmeyer No.5, Series 4 Carfac 6.3/f10 (25.5cm) lens (#81845) mounted on a Thornton Pickard shutter; replacement bellows.836 $300500837HOUGHTON: The Favourite Victo (made for Harringtons Ltd) mahogany & brass half-plate camera; with Beck symettrical lens mounted on a Thornton Pickard shutter; original bellows, cable release.$400500834'