b'51357 367 373KOSTA BODA, two Swedish art glassTwo walking sticks, Malacca cane shaftsTUBELINE MAJOLICA English porcelain vases and a pair of glass cups, (4 items), with sterling and plated silver tops,tile plaque of a medieval knight,the largest 14cm high 19th century, late 20th century,$12020090cm and 81cm high (2) 60 x 19cm$250350 $100200 358KOSTA BODA Swedish art glass bowls,368 374vases and jug including red rim patternThree walking sticks, blackthorn shafts,RED, FOR MEN Giorgio Beverly Hills (5 items), 19th century, point of sale advertising bottle;the largest 13cm high the largest 91cm high (3) together with two display bottles of $120200$120200FIRST de Van Cleef & Arpelas Paris, (3 items),359 369 the tallest 25cm highKOSTA BODA Swedish art glass vasesTwo walking sticks with malacca cane$100200 and cups (5 items), shafts, one with silver top, the other with the largest 9cm high silver and whale bone, 19th century, 375$12020087cm and 85cm high (2) Three English porcelain comports$250350 with hand-painted landscape scenes,360 19th and early 20th century, oneKOSTA BODA Swedish art glass bowlsstamped Aynsley Loch Cullin,and vases (5 items), 370 the tallest 11cm high (3)the largest 11cm high Two walking sticks with carved dragon$120200 $120200and dogs head handles, Chinese and Continental, 19th century,361 91cm and 92cm high (2) 376KOSTA BODA five Swedish art glass$120200An English Arts and Crafts water jug, vases, hand beaten copper finish with wooden the largest 16cm high (5) 371 handle, late 19th century,19cm high$120200A Victorian mahogany writing box $150250 and antique shop bell, 19th century,362 the box 13.5cm high, 35cm wide, KOSTA BODA art glass amphora 23cm deep (2) 377vase by BERTIL VALLIEN, Sweden, $150250A pair of Italian feature marble mantel late 20th century, urns, 19th century,32.5cm high 372 15.5cm high$120200 An antique brass and glass lamp$250350 together with a silver plated comport 363 stand (missing glass), late 19th and378KOSTA BODA glass fruit bowl, early 20th century, MAW & Co. set of four hand decorated Sweden, early 21st century, the lamp 45cm high (2) majolica tiles, circa 1960s,acid etched Kosta Boda, $100200tile size 20 x 20.5cm (4)36.5cm diameter $80120 $120200 364BJORN WIINBLAD Aladdin series set of seven decorative cabinet plates by Rosenthal, together with a Royal Copenhagen porcelain vase.(8 items)the vase 12.5cm high$100200 365An antique walking stick with secret compartments holding a pen, ink bottle and pencil, 19th century,91cm high$200300 366Three walking sticks with tribal carvings, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands, 20th century,the largest 87cm high (3)$150250 367 369'