b'120845LENS: Cooke Anastigmat 21 (530mm) mounted on lens board; made for Taylor, Taylor & Hobson; No.410160.$100150 846A.E. Parsons (Melbourne) clinometer (#51192) in original leather carry case with strap; circa 1940s.$50100 847Troughton & Simms, London, dumpy level on compass base;all brass; 19th Century.$150250 FOSSILS & MINERALS848Collection of mineral specimens, crystals and rouge marble pyramid, (19 items),843 the pyramid 17cm high$150250 849843 Collection of fossil specimens including Otozamites Bengalensis LENS: J.H. Dallmeyer No.4 Stigmatic Series II (No.70219) f6/7(Apollo Bay, Victoria) from early Cretaceous; Trilobites (Forbes, portrait lens, with lens cap and mounting flange. N.S.W.); and a starfish collected at Clonbinane in Victoria, (27 items).$300400 the largest 31cm across$200400 844LENS SET: G. Rodenstock Universal - Imagonal - Satz No.1 with850lenses II, III, IV and V in small box; for full plate, combinations forFOSSILS and MINERAL specimens including trilobite,portrait and landscape, with flange and lens plate. the largest 12cm across (7)$500750 $100200 844'