b'91627 631An American oak medicine cabinet An English Arts & Crafts with mirrored door, circa 1900, coal bin, copper and brass, 60cm high, 40cm wide, 18cm deep circa 1900,$12020038cm high$80120 628Industrial plan drawers, chest of sixteen632drawers, Victorian ash, circa 1900, A garden statue of Venus, 166cm high, 90cm wide, 53cm deep reconstituted stone,$1,2001,500 late 19th early 20th century,117cm high629 $400600 Printers drawers, Victorian ash,early to mid 20th century, 633107cm high, 91cm wide, 51cm deep An English cast iron door $400600stop in the form of a rampant lion, 19th century,630 37cm highAn Italian gilt framed mirror,$150250 early 20th century,99 x 59cm$200300 622634An English cast iron door stopin the form of Punch, 19th century,30.5cm high $150250 635An English cast iron door stop in the form of Bonny Prince Charles, 19th century,39cm high$150250 636A pair of antique cast iron garden urns with cream painted finish, 19th century,57cm high (2)$8001,200 628'