b'126888888 892 896Ten assorted antique corkscrews, brass,Twenty assorted folding pocketWHITTINGSLOWE WW2 Australian iron, horn and timber, 19th century, knives including REMINGTON, Leissue knives (3), JOSEPH RODGERS the largest 20cm high (10) THIERS, TAYLORS EYE WITNESS,British issue knife, SHELHAM knife and $300500 SOUTHERN AND RICHARDSON, U.S.A.seven assorted military metal folding England, Germany, France and Japan,knives, 20th century, (12 items)889 19th and 20th century, $200300 the Remington 22.5cm long (20)Eight assorted knives including three$250350 Bushmans Friend by Southern and897Richardson and Taylors Eye Witness,COURSOLLE THIERS and other Green River Knife and four hunting knives893 novelty pocket knives, brass and by Southern and Richardson, Sheffield,Four lever action antique corkscrewssteel predominantly French, late England, 20th century, including LUND and Tangent, circa 1850s, 19th and 20th centurythe largest 25cm long (8) the longest 22cm long (4) the largest 19cm (24)$200400$250350$150250 890 894 898Nine assorted sheathed hunting knives,Thirty four antique and vintageThirty three folding pocket knives with including WILLIAM RODGERS Bowiecorkscrews, 19th and 20th century, bone handles, English and German,knife, Finnish MARTTIINI, TAYLORSthe largest 15cm high (34) 18th and early 20th century,EYE WITNESS, Bushmans Friend by$200300the largest 17.5cm (33)SOUTHERN and RICHARDSON, and$200300 REMINGTON, 19th and 20th century, 895Bowie knife 25.5cm long (9) Ten antique and vintage corkscrews899$250350including rare rack and pinion model,Thirty three folding pocket knives JAMES HEELEY & SONS Double Lever,mostly horn and ebony handles, 891 and Magic Lever Cork Drawer, mostly Sheffield, England, Fourteen assorted folding pocket19th and early 20th century, 19th and 20th century,knives with wooden handles, includingthe largest 22cm high (10) the largest 17.5cm (33)LAGUIOLE G. DAVID, LAURILLAC,$300500$150250 SAYNOR, JOKER, and Le CAMARGUAIS, France, England and Spain,the largest 21.5cm long (14)$250350 '