b'49330A French bronze statue of the boy water carrier, 19th century,29cm high$300500 331VAL SAINT LAMBERT French blue overlay glass vase, 19th century,signed VSL,19.5cm high$100200 332A Black Forest carved hanging candle holder in the form of a bird, 19th century, 34231cm long$200300336 340Valkyrie cast bronze sculpture,Two Royal Worcester miniature porcelain 333 20th century, vases together with two Crown A large Black Forest bear sculpture, 35cm high Devon mantel vases, late 19th and 110cm high $400600 early 20th century,$8001,200factory backstamps,337 the tallest 26cm high334 A pair of German bisque porcelain$150250 A pair of French wax figure dioramas ewers decorated with applied cherubs, in glass domes, early 19th century, 19th century, 34125cm high (2) 33cm high Royal Crown Derby porcelain urn, $250350$150250Royal Doulton Monica porcelain figure, German floral porcelain vase 335 338 and an Australian studio pottery vase, 19th and 20th century,(After) CLAUDE MICHEL CLODION castFour German porcelain statues,the tallest 22cm high (4)bronze sculpture, early 20th century, Sitzendorf and blue anchor mark on$120200 53cm high bisque, 19th century,$1,5002,500 the tallest 24cm high 342$150250 A Black Forest style carved339 wooden bear statue, Japanese,early to mid 20th century,Bohemian glass scent bottle,40cm high, 68cm long19th century; together with an Italian$400600blue glass teacup, saucer and plate, 20th century,the bottle 8cm high (4)$100200 335 336'