b'1699A five piece engraved silver plated tea service, late 19th century,the coffee pot 28cm high (5)$120200 100A pair of English silver platedthree branch candelabra,late 19th early 20th century,46cm high (2)$150250 101Silver plated trays, spirit kettle, candlesticks, wine coasters, utensils, dishes etc., 19th and 20th century,(20 items),the spirit kettle 27cm high$150250 102A pair of English 5 branch candelabra, silver plate, early 20th century,stamped Silver Plated On Copper,Made In England,40cm high (2)$300400 103A pair of fighting cockerel silver plated statues, mid 20th century,the larger 28cm high (2)$200300 104Three silver plated tureens, 19th century,the largest 36cm across the handles (3)$150250 105A four piece sterling silver tea service 93 made in Birmingham, circa 1929,the tallest 20cm high, 1540 grams total (4)93 96 $500700 Two early knives, sterling silver Georgian cutlery, steel bladesand stone handles, 17th century, with wood and horn handles, 10630cm and 28cm long (2) late 18th and 19th century, An Israeli silver jewellery casket, $200300 the largest 25cm long (11) mid 20th century,$100200stamped STERLING 925, HAZORFIM,94 13cm high, 350 gramsEnglish sterling silver cutlery comprising97 $3004005 knives and 5 forks, steel blades withAntique bread forks, silver handled sterling silver handles, stamp withcarving fork and servers, 107lion passant and makers mark J.H.,18th and 19th century, A sterling silver comport fruit bowl made circa 1740, the largest 35cm long (6) for HARRODS of London, circa 1945,the knives 28cm long (10) $20030021cm diameter, 420 grams$250350$350450 9895 Box of 6 bone handled knives,Early cutlery, silver, cornelian, box of 6 silver plated cake forks, box of mother of pearl and wooden handles,12 French teaspoons and a fish server, early to mid 18th century, 19th and early 20th century (4)the largest 28cm long (11) $100200 $300500 '