b'112760767761 JEROME & Co. American 30 hourogee shelf clock, circa 1860,63cm high$120200 758 762NEW HAVEN CLOCK Co. No.26 shelfFour plate faced wall clocks, two tin clock with 8 day time and strike onexamples by SMITHS and an enamel cathedral gong with visual escapement,and a porcelain example, both made in ornate cast metal case decorated birdsGermany, early 20th century,and animals, 19th century, rare. the Smiths clocks 24cm diameter34.5cm high $150250 $300500 763759 Water clock engravedA Mystery clock, cast metal Tyme Is Swift, 1652,with bird finial, 20th century, oak and brass, 19th century,40.5cm high 66cm high$120200$200300 760 764HARDING & BAZELEY Spherical WeightMORBIER French wall clock with Clock, English 20th century copy of theenamel dial, early 19th century,NICHOLAS RADELOFF 17th century135cm highversion. Limited edition of 500 made$400600 for the Australian market this one being numbered 186. With original paperwork. 76536cm high$6001,000 WATERBURY CLOCK Co.American wall clock with 8 day time and strike movement in walnut case, 761 19th century,KRAMER Unique Clock and Reflective86cm highAdvertising Barber Shop American $250350 wall clock, designed to read the correct time when viewed in the766mirror while seated at the barber shop, early 20th century, rare. ANSONIA American wall clock in 56cm high pressed timber case, 19th century,$500700 66cm high$150250 779'