b'40253A specimen collectors miniature cabinet fitted with nine drawers, walnut and brass, late 19th century,32cm high$250350 254A Persian mosaic box with silver panels, early 20th century,6cm high, 20cm wide, 11.5cm deep$150250 255An exceptional Anglo-Indian box, carved ebony with silver escutcheon, inscribed inside lid read ABDULLAH MUHAMMAD, JUBNAH, made in260Nagina, a town in the Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), circa 1866. Extremely rare.A remarkably similar example is held at the VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM in London.17.5cm high, 25.5cm wide, 20cm deep$2,5003,500 257 259An English ladies workbox, rosewoodA Georgian English tea caddy,256 with mother of pearl inlay, circa 1840, rosewood with fitted interiorAn English tea caddy of waisted forminterior fitted with numerous silk linedwith bone handles, early 19th century,with dragooned edging, rosewood withcompartments, 21cm high, 34cm wide, 17cm deeporiginal fitted interior and glass mixing17cm high, 30cm wide, 22.5cm deep $400600 bowl, early 19th century $500700 17cm high, 37cm wide, 23cm deep 260$400600258 An English tea caddy, zebrawood with An English tea caddy, flame mahoganysatinwood stringing and fine gilt metal with original fitted interior, circa 1830, fittings, early 19th century,20cm high, 35cm wide, 18.5cm deep 17cm high, 24cm wide, 15cm deep$400600$450550255'