b'58423 424422 424 425A Japanese netsuke carved ivory Two Chinese snuff bottles, A Chinese snuff bottle with dragon motif, in the form of a monkey, carved ivory, early 20th century, carved ivory, 19th century,signed Himiko, 7cm high (2) 6cm high5.5cm across $400600 $300400$400600426423 A Sino-Tibetan snuff bottle,A Japanese netsuke carved ivory horn and silver with semi-precious in the form of a crab, Meiji Period, stones, 19th century,8.5cm across 8.5cm$400600 $200300 427A Tibetan dagger, finely worked silver mounts on wood and steel, 19th century,25cm in scabbard$400600428An Ando Japanese cloisonn orchid vase, early to mid 20th century,33cm high$700900429A blanc de chine porcelain vase, 19th century,31cm high$250350 430A pair of jade teacups, one with antique gold filled restoration, 18th/19th century,6cm high$300500431Seven Chinese stands, 20th century,the largest 28cm diameter (7)$60100 432A Chinese cribbage board, carved ebony with ivory inlaid panels, 19th century,24cm long$250350 440'