b'127900 908 917Thirty five assorted folding pocketTwenty seven assorted pocketOPINEL and ROBINSON, group of 11 knives, horn, timber and plastic handles,knives, mostly Sheffield, England,assorted pocket knives in an Opinel English, German, Portuguese and others,19th and 20th century, timber box, France, late 20th century,19th and 20th century, the largest 22cm long (27) the largest 32.5cm longthe largest 21cm long (35) $150250$150250 $200300 909 918901 TAYLORS EYE WITNESS group ofAgricultural pocket knives, antique Group of seventeen pocket knivesthirteen folding pocket knives withmulti-tools and rare sailors knives, including sterling silver and mother ofcoloured plastic handles, Sheffield,19th and 20th century,pearl, novelty boot and shoe shapedEngland, 20th century, the largest 29cm long (25)knives miniature lock blade knife andthe largest 19cm long (13) $150250 miniature pocket scissors, 19th and$100200 early 20th century, 919the largest 15.5cm long, 910the smallest 4cm long (17) Twenty four assorted pocket knivesForty assorted pocket knives and folding $150250and multi-tools including Swiss Army,tools, 19th and 20th century,20th century, the largest 22cm long (40)902 the largest 22cm long (24) $120200 Twenty one assorted pocket knives$100200 including LA PERGORD, LAGUIOLE,920RIBERON, NIETO and others,911 Three SOUTHERN AND RICHARDSON 19th and 20th century, Group of 10 assorted kitchen andpoint of sale advertising displays, the hoof and hide example 24.5cm longfarm knives including QUEENSLAND19th and 20th century,(21) KNIVE, EASY SKINNER and a rarepocket knife display box 35cm wide (3)$200300BRISBANE knife by CARL ZOELLER,$150250 19th and 20th century,903 the largest 31.5cm long (10) 921Forty nine folding pocket knives including$100200A divers knife, copper and brass with novelty shotgun cartridge, bone handledrubber grip, Russia, 20th century,duck knife, bone and mother of pearl, 912 31.5cm long19th and 20th century, Thirteen assorted agricultural and$400600the largest 21.5cm long (49) kitchen knives, mostly TAYLORS $150250EYE WITNESS and SOUTHERN AND RICHARDSON, Sheffield, England, 904 19th and 20th century,Thirteen assorted SAYNOR andthe largest 29cm long (13)SOUTHERN AND RICHARDSON ivory,$100200 bone and ebony handled folding knives, 19th and 20th century, 913the largest 17cm high Two SOUTHERN AND RICHARDSON (13) straight razors, two farriers knives, and $120200seven assorted hunting knives, mostly Sheffield, England,905 19th and 20th century,Forty three assorted metalthe largest 26cm long (11)handled folding pocket knives,$120200 19th and 20th century,the largest 16cm long (43) 914$150250Thirty one pocket knives, many with advertising including rare ESSO petrol 906 pump, early to mid 20th century,Twenty three assorted foldingthe largest 26.5cm long (31)pocket knives with horn handles,$150250 mostly Sheffield, England, 19th and 20th century, 915the largest 17.5cm long (23) WAITERS FRIEND and bottle $200300opener, group of 45 various examples, 19th and 20th century,907 the largest 14cm longSixteen assorted pocket knives with horn$120200 and timber handles, mostly Sheffield, England, 19th and early 20th century, 916the largest 21cm long (16) MULTI-TOOLS including Gerber, $200300Vitorinox and Leatherman,late 20th century (18)$150250921'