b'132966 968WILKINSON 1907 Pattern bayonet AVIATION: Two leather pilots caps, in original scabbard, WW1 period, googles in case and arm band barometer, 55.5cm long WW1 period, (4)$100200 $300500967 969BUTLER & Co. Sheffield WW1 periodBritish commando knife with Horsemans pocket knife engravedcrossed keys foundry mark, LIEU. COL. DAWSON 2/1 N Mid Amb., mid 20th century,13.5cm long 27.5cm long$100200 $120200967970A chrome aeroplane ashtray, circa 1940,15cm high 971$120200British Commando knife by William Rogers of Sheffield, all black finish in leather scabbard, late 20th century,stamped William Rogers, Sheffield, England,29.5cm long$100200972A fencing foil, mid 20th century,108cm long$80120 973Four horn handled pocket knivesincluding Spanish Exposito Albacete, Italian Saladini Scarperia, Inox LCDM,and a fine example with Damascussteel blade,the largest 22cm long (4)$120200 966 971968'