b'135995DUNHILL Tinder Pistol cigar lighter, 20th century,stamped Dunhill, Tinder Pistol,Made In England,14.5cm long$120200995992989Group of 26 cigar holders, amberand meerschaum with gold and silver mounts, 12 in leather cases,19th and early 20th century,the largest 10.5cm long (26)$150250 990CIGAR CUTTERS, group of nine with sterling silver and Continental silver handles, 19th and early 20th century,the largest 9.5cm long (9)$400600 991A humidor, Victorian ash, 19th century,45cm high, 29cm wide, 21cm deep$250350 992A French court jester or buffoon tobacco jar, cast bronze, Napoleon III, 19th century,15cm high$600800993A fine Continental burl satin birch smokers box fitted with lift out trayand accessories, 19th century,16.5cm high 31cm wide, 22cm deep$600800994Cigar cutter with malachite handle, sterling silver cigarette case, tortoiseshell and rose gold cigarette case; plus three cigar holders made from amber with sterling silver and rose gold mounts (in fitted cases), 19th and early 20th century.the cigar cutter 15.5cm long 993$250350 '