b'128955922 926 930Remains of collection includingA school bell, bronze with timber handle,Antique coach lantern, microscope, car corkscrews, knife displays, scissors,19th century, horn, bakelite phone, mortar and pestle, pocket knives etc, (80+ items). 28cm high lamps, tool kit, makers plate HUGH $150250$100200LENNON, MAKER, SPOTTISWOODE, plus City Of Oakleigh bronze plaque. 923 927 19th and 20th century,the microscope 32cm high (12)Remains of collection including BLITZENThree HARPER meat grinders in green$100200 BENZ statue, porcelain match holders,enamel finish, England, circa 1930,pince-nez, cigar box and cigars, inkwell,28cm high (3)cork extractor, ephemera, photo album,$80120931book, micrometer etc (38 items), Gauges, clocks and instruments including the Benz statue 23cm long 928 JAEGER car clock and two aviation $60100altitude gauges, 20th century,Antique and vintage door furniture, Jaeger clock 9.5cm high (9)brass piano sconces and Victorian toilet$120200 924 roll holder, 19th and 20th century,Two JAGUAR fountain pens, tap andthe black door knocker 20cm high (11)die set, antique cutlery, folding ruler,$80120932pens, bandolier and a Gem Ice Shave,Pocket knives, car badges, kookaburra 19th and 20th century, 929 hood ornament, toy guns and collectibles, the knives 26cm long (15) 19th and 20th century,$100200Collection of antique and vintage tins andkookaburra hood ornament 18cm high (70)boxes, 19th and 20th century, (70 items), $120200 wooden Kodak box 13cm high925 $120200 Assorted pens, cigarette lighters, 933novelty ashtrays and rulers (32 items) Collection of brass ware, silver plated $60100ware, fire hose nozzle, scales, taps, handles etc, 19th and 20th century,hose nozzle 56cm long (25)$80120 954 952'