b'29179MOORCROFT Finch and Fruitpattern candlestick, circa 1980s,impressed Moorcroft,Made In England, WM,20.5cm high$250350 180MOORCROFT Sturt Desert Pea pattern vase designed by Emma Bossons,limited edition 127/500, circa 1998,stamped Moorcroft, Stoke On Trent, Made In England, WM, 2000,E. Bossons,19cm high$400600181MOORCROFT Poppy pattern vase, circa 1997,stamped Moorcroft, Made In England, WM, 10/9/97,16cm high, 20 cm wide 170 171$200400187 189MOORCROFT Trilogy vase MOORCROFT Cosmos pattern ewer 182 by Rachel Bishop, circa 2006, by Rachel Bishop, circa 2001,MOORCROFT Passion Fruit vase, stamped Moorcroft, stamped Moorcroft, Made In England, late 20th century, Made In England, 2006, Stock On Trent, 2000,stamped Moorcroft, 26cm high 24.5cm highMade In England, 97, $300500$200400 10cm high, 13cm wide,$200300188 190MOORCROFT floral patterned ewer,MOORCROFT ENAMELS Ltd.183 circa 2006, Polar Bear lidded vase in original box, MOORCROFT Finch and Fruitstamped Moorcroft, Made In England,circa 1999,patterned vase, late 20th century, Stoke On Trent, 2006, J.S., marked Moorcroft,impressed Moorcroft, Made In19cm high Made In England, C99,England, $1502507cm high10.5cm high $300400 $120200 184MOORCROFT Phoenix Bird pattern stem vase by Rachel Bishop, circa 1996,stamped Moorcroft, Made In England, C.96, Rachel Bishop,20.5cm high$200400 185MOORCROFT Mackintoshpattern ewer, circa 1997,stamped Moorcroft,Made In England, 9/9/97, W.M.,24.5cm high$200400 186MOORCROFT Rough Hawksbeard pattern vase by Rachel Bishop, circa 1997,stamped Moorcroft, Made In England, J. Moorcroft, 9/9/97, R.B.,14cm high$200400 175 180'