b'121COLLECTABLESGENERAL851Two antique ivory billiard balls and an antique Chinese porcelain dish base, 19th century,the dish 9.5cm across (3)$100200 852Six concertina action corkscrews, WEIRS Patent, ZIG ZAG, IDEAL BREVETE, LE POLICHINELLE, H.D. ARMSTRONG Patent, and DEBOUCHTOUT, 19th and 20th century (6)$300500 853Six antique corkscrews, iron and brass with turned wood and ivory handles, two with bristles, 18th and 19th century,the tallest 15.5cm high (6)$300500 854A hotel liquor advertising mirror, IND, COOPES ALES & STOUT, in original frame with embossed title,42cm x 51cm$350450855855A divers helmet, copper and brass, 20th century reproduction,40cm high$8001,200856A divers helmet bottle coaster, copper and brass, 20th century,25cm high$200300 857A set of antique bathroom scales, metal and brass with enamel dial, late 19th century,33cm high$150250 858An antique theodolite by Brash and Drummond of Melbourne, 19th century,32cm high$300500859Vintage suitcase and two antique cash boxes,the suitcase 45cm across (3)$6080 858'