b'1474A George V sterling silver garniture comprising a two handled pierced circular comport (21cm diameter), and a pair of smaller (10cm diameter) matching comports, by Martin Hall & Co. Ltd., Sheffield, circa 1923,21cm and 11cm high, 740 grams, (3 items).$600800 75An Edward VII sterling silver three handled bowl, by William Hutton Co. Ltd., Birmingham, circa 1906,16cm across the handles, 180 grams.$150250 7666 A George V sterling silver boat-shaped pierced bowl with two scrolling ring handles and embossed ribbon swags, by The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co., London, circa 1927,23.5cm across the handles, 225 grams.$200300 66 72A Chinese silver plate two handled A pair of Mexican silver three branch77circular bowl with embossed panels ofcandelabra with scrolling rims markedA George V sterling silver pierced swing-birds and lotus flowers, circa 1900, Mexican Sterling, 925, handled basket, by Wilmot Manufacturing 28cm across, 17cm high. 26cm high, 1745grams. Co., Birmingham, circa 1913,$600800 $8001,00029cm wide, 630 grams.$400600 67 73An American silver circular bowl withA pair of German silver square shaped78scrolling rim and engraved script initials,dishes by Carl Tewes of Dusseldorf, A German silver circular shaped bowl by Frank M. Whiting & Co., circa 1900, 15.5cm square, 210 grams. (2) with gadrooned rim and raised on three 26cm diameter, 410 grams. $150200paw feet, 20th century,$20030019cm diameter, 155 grams.$150200 68A pair of German silver candlesticks with lobed bases and stems, by Friedberg, circa 1900,34cm high, 1330 grams. (2)$8001,20069A Victorian sterling silver pierced goblet with grapevine rim and original glass liner, London, circa 1857,17cm high, 14cm diameter, 400 grams.$30050070An Austro-Hungarian silver fluted jug, 20th century,15cm high, 245 grams.$200250 71A Victorian sterling silver circularpierced bowl, Birmingham, circa 1880,8cm high, 18cm diameter, 190 grams.$150250 68'