b'37232LALIQUE Crystal Christmas decorations comprising 8 coloured glass pendants(7 with original boxes),engraved Lalique, France,7cm diameter (8)$150250 233LALIQUE Crystal, two red glass jewellery boxes in original boxes,engraved Lalique, France,8cm across (2)$120200 234LALIQUE Tete d Aigle violet glass 237car mascot, first introduced 1928, An American Indian car mascot, molded signature R. Lalique, France,chrome on later ebonized timber later base, base, circa 1920s,10.5cm high, 14.5cm overall mascot 11.5cm long$7,0009,000 $150250235 238Car mascot chromed bronze racehorseMercury car mascot, cast with cold painted jockey on Belgium blackbronze on later ebonized timber slate base, circa 1920s, base, circa 1930,15.5cm overall mascot 18cm long$400600 $150250 234236 239American Art Deco car mascot,A French Spread Eagle car mascot240chrome on later ebonized timber base,by G. Paillet for A. E. Lejeune on laterSkull car mascot, chrome on later circa 1920s, ebonized timber stand, 1920s, ebonized timber base, circa 1950,mascot 16.5cm long 13.5cm wingspan mascot 14cm long$150250 $250350$200300 236238235 237'