b'71311 15A German silver 3 branch candelabra,A Russian silver bird scent bottle, 20th century, early 20th century,crescent and crown mark stamped 835, stamped 84 with Imperial marks,25cm high, 580 grams total also a later 875 mark,$20030012cm long, 116 grams$35045012Set of six Soviet Russian silver 16and enamel teaspoons, circa 1920s, A Russian silver matchbox holder stamped 875 with hammer andwith profile portrait of ALEXANDRA sickle mark, FEODOROVNA (1872-1918) Empress 14cm long (6) Consort of Russia, wife of Tsar Nicholas $100200II. The last Tsarina of Russia, known for her notorious friendship with the Russian 13 mystic Rasputin.Stamped 84 with Cyrillic makers mark.A Russian silver and niello snuff box,6cm high, 46 grams19th century, $200300 stamped 84 with Cyrillic makersmark (illegible),8.5cm across, 95 grams 17$400600 FABERGE Russian silver 17and enamel tie clip, circa 1900,14 full Cyrillic makers mark with Royal Warrant stamp.A Russian silver coin case designed to3.5cm longhold 5, 10 and 15 ruble gold coins. With$1,2001,500owners engraved monogram dated 1911.stamped 84 with Cyrillic makers mark.8cm high, 60 grams$35045014 15'