b'57416A Buddha statue, carved and polychrome wood, 20th century,88cm high$300500 417A Japanese Shibayama vase,Meiji Period,25cm high overall$1,2001,500418A Chinese blanc de chine Guan Ying, early 20th century,35cm high$400600419A Chinese famille rose tea set on imperial yellow ground, Guangxu mark and period, 19th century,comprising teapot, jug and bowl, six cups, sauces and plates and sweetmeat420dish (22 items)$7,00010,000 420 421A Chinese hand-painted fan in originalA set of five Chinese bluebox, 19th century, and white porcelain temple vessels,51cm wide late Qing Dynasty, circa 1900,$600800 the tallest 29cm high (5)$1,5002,500 419'