b'48313 319 324A ladies five piece writing set in box, A pair of antique brass candlesticks withWATERFORD CRYSTAL Lismore 9ct rose gold with mother of pearldouble helix columns, 19th century, pattern suite of Irish crystal glass ware, handles, 19th century, 51cm high (2) setting for six people with five different the box 20cm across $250350types including red and white wine, $8001,200champagne, brandy and whisky tumblers. 320 (30 items)314 A Bohemian glass scent bottle $500750 A French terracotta bust of Faun, with silver top, mid 19th century,signature on the back P. Je. Leonard, 11cm high 32557cm high $200300A cast bronze owl statue, $40060019th/20th century,39cm high315 321 $350450 A pair of Staffordshire porcelainA French decanter set in gilt bronze recumbent lions, mid 19th century, stands, 19th century, 32620cm high (2) 24cm high (2) A pair of Staffordshire porcelain spaniel $300500$300400statues, mid 19th century,36cm high (2)316 322 $300500 Four Georgian cordial and wine glasses,ROYAL DOULTON Linlithgow18th century, porcelain vase by J. HUGHES, circa 1910, 327the tallest 14.5cm high (4) stamped Royal Doulton, England,An inkpot desk set, walnut and mother $400600Linlithgow, of pearl with glass and brass fittings, 17.5cm high 19th century,317 $12020033cm acrossA pair of French four branch candelabra,$150250 ormolu with tortoiseshell columns,32319th century, CROWN STAFFORDSHIRE 32842cm high (2) pair of porcelain pheasant statues A cherub plaque three branch$8001,200 by T.J. JONES, wall sconce, 19th century,factory backstamp and titled Golden38cm high318 Pheasant, signed T.J. Jones, $300500 ROYAL DOULTON Huntley & Palmers14cm high (2)Biscuits, Reading & London Simple$200300329Simon porcelain biscuit barrel in theA pair of French bronze classical statues form of a bombe commode, circa 1920, on rouge marble bases, 19th century,stamped Royal Doulton, England, 17cm high (2)14cm high $150250 $200300 317'