b'44289THOMAS WEBB Queens Burmese glass vase with hand-painted floral motif, late 19th century,23cm high$500700 290Bohemian ruby glass Teplitz Spa vase, circa 1850,13cm high$120200 291A pair of French gilt bronze candlesticks, circa 1850,20cm high (2)$150250 292An English statue of Prince Alfred,cast bronze, late 19th century,281 283 14.5cm high$100200 281 288Bohemian overlay glass vase with hand- Royal Doulton Rembrandt Ware293painted bird and fruit motif, circa 1860, pottery vase with portrait of NicolasA Georgian carved horn cup with hunting 18cm high Poussin, circa 1900, scene, late 18th century,$150250 signed Doulton, 12.5cm high31.5cm high $150250 282 $1,2001,500A pair of harvest statues, cast and patinated spelter, French, 19th century,49cm high (2)$200400283DRESDEN Porcelain figurine, the watermelon boy, German, 19th century,crown and K, mark,17.5cm high$200400284A pair of French six branch candelabra in the form of Mercury and Venus, gilt metal on wooden bases, 19th century,73cm high (2)$600800 285Two English Pratt Ware pot lids, circa 185012cm diameter (2)$120200 286A Georgian six bottle decanter set in inlaied mahogany case, circa 1800,with original key and lock,the case 22cm high, 27cm wide, 27cm deep$700900287Two glass paperweights, 19th and 20th century,6cm diameter (2)$60100282'