b'53393 402 405DOULTON LAMBETH WEDGWOOD Sarahs GardenCollection of assorted decanters, crystal Joe Chamberlain reform flask,porcelain serving platter (boxed), togetherbowl, porcelain dishes, vases, jug, boxes late 19th century, rare, with a ROYAL WORCESTER Millenniumetc., 19th and 20th century, (16 items),stamped Doulton Lambeth, vase and a JOHN MADDOCK & SONS27cm high (16)and titled on the back, English porcelain teapot, (3 items), $80120 19.5cm high the platter 50cm across$120200 $100200406Porcelaine de Paris potpourri urn 394 403 and a Continental porcelain urn, An Italian porcelain Afghan dog statue,An Italian porcelain box and three pieceearly 20th century,mid 20th century, mantel garniture, mid 20th century, 23cm and 29cm high (2)86cm high (4 items), $100200 $400600 the tallest 27cm high$80120 395ORREFORS pair of crystal decanters,404Sweden, circa 1960, An Italian marble two branch engraved Orrefors, candelabra together with four 36cm high (2) assorted table lamp bases, $8012020th century, (5 items),the tallest 23cm high396 $80120 THUN Czechoslovakian porcelain table ware, mid 20th century,stamped Thun,oval meat platter 37cm across (6)$60100 397An antique majolica porcelain jardiniere and pedestal, late 19th century,74cm high$150250 398LLADRO Spanish porcelain figural group,34cm high$80120 399Four Italian porcelain figurines,late 20th century,the largest 27cm high (4)$80120 400CAPODIMONTE Italian porcelain urn, ewer, vase, statue, boxes (2) and cup and saucer, 20th century, (8 items),36cm high$80120 401An Italian porcelain urn and statue, a Murano glass figure, a meat platter, palm tree vase and Wedgwood miniature urn and dish, 20th century, (7 items),the urn 40cm high$100200 394'