b'59427437A Chinese wall mirror with hand painted and carved red lacquer finish, 20th century,120cm x 131cm$300500 435 438433 A Chinese bronze and cloisonn vase,A Thai seated Buddha statue,A Chinese Buddha bust, carved 19th century, cast bronze, 19th/20th century,and polychrome timber, 20th century, 31cm high 15cm high46cm high $150250$200300 $250350 436 439434 A Japanese bronze monkey statue,A Chinese carved wooden lion with A pair of Peking glass lion statues,20th century, remains of silver finish, 19th century,circa 1930s signed on the back, 51cm long19cm high, 20cm long (2) 24cm high $250350 $300500$300500440A Sino-Tibetan teapot, finely worked silver with carved jade panels, encrusted with coral and turquoise, 19th century,43cm high$3,5004,500422428 425'