b'115797A German animated monkey timepiece, cold painted metal case with moving eyes and mouth, circa 1900,24cm high$600800 798PHILIPP HAAS Black Forest blinker cuckoo wall clock, twin weight time and strike with oil painted zinc dial surround, lions eyes move with the pendulum beat, circa 1880. Suspension bridge in the form of a running rabbit, a Haas trademark.45cm high$1,0001,500 799Viennese Grande Sonnerie mantel clock with enamel dial and timber case with brass studding, circa 1810, 793 78847cm high$8001,200 800 805 810French singing birdcage timepiece WATERBURY CLOCK Co. American shelfAn English fusee wall clock, 19th century,with two birds, 19th century, clock with pictorial portrait pendulum of38cm diameterfull whistle, setting for intermittent. the Greek god Mercury, 19th century, $200400 50cm high 44.5cm high$3,0005,000$60100811Sixteen assorted clocks,801 806 early to mid 20th century,OSWALD German Art Deco noveltyAn antique Continental mantel clockSmith clock 21cm high (16)carved timber owl clock with revolvingset, blue and white porcelain with gilt$100200 eyes, circa 1926, metal mounts and five branch candelabra 18cm high garniture,$200300late 19th century,the garnitures 65cm high (3)802 $8001,200 WILCOX Canadian bracket clock, 807strikes on 5 gongs, mahogany case with ormolu mounts adorned with five finialsClock keys, group of thirteen, and silvered dial, circa 1888, 19th and 20th century (13)movement signed WILCOX, CANADA.$3050 Note: the pendulum mounts from under the clock case. 80848cm high$1,0001,500Two French carriage clock,late 19th and early 20th century,15cm high (2)803 $120200 LENZKIRCH German time and strike mantel clock in oak case, 19th century, 80935cm high$300500MEISSEN Porcelain cased bedside clock with hand-painted scene, 20th century,804 dial marked Kaiser,A French ornate cast brass cased mantel19.5cm highclock with time and strike movement and$80120 Roman numerals, 19th century,39cm high$300500804'