b'32204 205ROYAL DOULTON The Moor porcelain figure designed by Charles Noke,stamped The Moor in gold lettering and Royal Doulton, England,Made In England,197 201 42.5cm highGOUDA Pottery ale jug with lustre glaze,AMPHORA Pottery vase $1,5002,500Holland, circa 1920s, with bird decoration,marked Gouda, Holland, stamped AmphoraUnique Metalique, Plazuid, made in Czechoslovakia,30.5cm high 46cm high$120200 $350450 198 202PIERREFONDS French Art Deco potteryGOUDA Dutch Art Deco pottery vase vase with rare applied silver decoration,with floral motif, circa 1920s,circa 1930, 27cm highimpressed factory stamp, $200300 16cm high, 27cm across$8001,000203GOUDA Dutch Art Deco pottery jug199 with floral motif, circa 1920s,A shagreen cigarette box, 37cm highlate 19th early 20th century, $200300 6cm high, 20cm wide, 11cm deep$250350204WEDGWOOD Fairyland Lustre200 "Imps on a Bridge" pattern plate by BESWICK Art Deco cream porcelain Daisy Makeig Jones, circa 1930,deer statue, circa 1930, stamped Wedgwood,impressed factory mark, Made in England,22cm high 27cm diameter$80120$2,5003,500197'