b'134981SNOWDON, Lord(Antony Armstrong-Jones) [1930-2017]Princess Margaret, 196737 x 30cmPhotograph by Lord Snowdon stamped verso, numbered 482/7/3 in manuscript.A smaller format example of this portrait of his wife is held as part of the Snowdon Collection in the National Portrait Gallery, London.$200300 982SNOWDON, Earl of(Antony Armstrong-Jones) [1930-2017]AssignmentsWeidenfield and Nicolson, London [1972] 1st edition with dust jacketSigned and endorsed To Lesiie Muller with best wishes from SnowdonWith an introduction by Francis Wyndham, which concludes Its hard to imagine Tony Snowdon taking a boring picture.$200300 TOBACCIANA983A sterling silver table cigar lighter, together with two silver plated examples, English, late 19th century,the tallest 8cm high (3)$150250 984Collection of cigar cases, vestas, pipes, ashtrays and tins, 19th and 20th century,tin 16cm high (21)979 $100200 985PHOTOGRAPHS 979 HENRI WINTERMANS: Two shop PRINCESS MARGARET and Lorddisplay point of sale cigar humidors, SNOWDON (Antony Armstrong-Jones) mid 20th century,977 an informal photograph, (24 x 16cm) ERTE, Romain De Tirtoff, (1892-1990)mounted and signed by both in thethe larger 61cm across (2)series of six mounted photographs ofmargin below, $120200 the famed French artist, one signedMargaret and Snowdonand endorsed to Colin and Sue Silver ofand dated 1963. 986Silver K Gallery High street Armadale,Presented in a sterling silver pictureTwo timber cased cigar humidors,circa 1981, frame (36.5 x 26cm) by Sanders &late 20th early 21st century,framed 49 x 49cm overall Mackenzie. the larger 54cm across (2)$6080$500750 $150250 978 980 987A family photograph album, mainlyPRINCESS MARGARET [1930-2002] Collection of 18 antique and vintage 1930s-40s, another album with earlyand her first child, Viscount David Linley cigarette lighters (18)snaps of English shipyards, lakes, etc.,photographed by her husband Lord a portrait photo by Beatie and twoSnowdon, $100200 autograph books which appear to be19 x 14cm, mounted on a backing associated with a former student ofcard and endorsed on reverse With988Toorak College circa 1918-20; severalChristmas Wishes; Ten cigar holders, amber and music certificates of the 1890s, etc. signed and dated on the mount belowmeerschaum with gold and silver $100200Margaret, Snowdon, 1963. mounts, all in original fitted leather cases, Presented in a sterling silver picture19th and early 20th century,frame (28 x 21.5cm) by Sanders &the largest 10.5cm long (10)Mackenzie. $150250 $500750 '